Calendar November 15, 2012 10:09

Heard siren and explosion in Tel Aviv... the routine here seems to be: hear siren, go inside, wait, go outside, make phone calls, carry on with life.

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Posted November 15, 2012 10:09

Calendar November 11, 2012 16:23

Coverage of two protests held on Nov. 11. One was to call on Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid to declare his intended coalition allegiances. The other was a march against, what has allegedly amounted to, NIS 27 billion in preferential tax exemptions for some of Israel's largest corporations.

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Posted November 11, 2012 16:23

Calendar October 15, 2012 16:44

Tel Aviv soon. Looking forward to working with the Oakland Press-




Posted October 15, 2012 16:44

Calendar September 8, 2012 14:16

All of the Landes Home Services videos are now posted online! Check them out at:

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Posted September 8, 2012 14:16

Calendar August 31, 2012 08:28

Featured in Architectural Digest and the Four Seasons Magazine, Dr. Ray Lagger's garden is a diverse and beautiful collection of international horticulture and architecture. Come on a tour with Landes Home Services to have a look! 

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Posted August 31, 2012 08:28

Calendar August 31, 2012 08:25

The snorkeling video from Kahalu'u Bay is up!


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Posted August 31, 2012 08:25

Calendar August 22, 2012 20:56

Finished up some rough cuts of videos for K-Bay and LHS! Only a couple more left to go...



Posted August 22, 2012 20:56

Calendar July 29, 2012 12:14

Coming soon: Projects for Landes Home Services, Kahalu'u Bay Surf and Sea, ski videos, and some shorts!


Posted July 29, 2012 12:14

Calendar July 24, 2012 18:24

Just back from Kona! Amazing time working at Hualalai with the LHS team, surfing, meeting new friends, and also checking out Hana + meeting WOOFers.


Editing all the footage, which will be posted at and here soon!

Posted July 24, 2012 18:24

Calendar July 10, 2012 16:46

Currently in Kona, HI.

Posted July 10, 2012 16:46